What is Private Money / Hard Money The term "Private Money" or "Hard Money Loan" is a type of non-bankable loan. Usually this means a loan where the "Hard Money" lender can approve the loan request based upon the value of the assets and the equity in the assets, without the need for much of the usual time consuming documentation and verification that a more traditional lender might require to lend the same amount of money. Our Private Money Loans/Hard Money Loans can fund quickly and are based upon the value of the real estate or collateral anchoring the loan without regard to the borrower's income employment, assets, credit scores or tax returns. Our loan programs will tend to over look many items that are critical to a traditional lender. These overlooked details will include: foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgements and credit issues.
Private Money Loan Program Details LOAN SIZE: $10,000.00 to $20 Million + LOAN TERMS: Amortized from 15 to 30 years RATE 7.99 -20% LOAN TO VALUE: Up to 80%- 90% IN SOME CASES (ARV) CREDIT REPORT: LOSING: 10-30 days ......................

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Please provide a legal survey of the subject property for your loan request, land loan etc. WE provide you with quick funding on: Arrears on an existing mortgage. (no residential owner occupied foreclosure bailouts) Foreclosures of commercial properties with substantial equity. DIP Loans Bad credit mortgages. Investor mortgages. Cash Out Equity loans Rehab mortgages Land Loans, Ranch loans, Unimproved Land Loans Texas Land Loans Oklahoma Land loans Private mortgage loans Multifamily financing, mortgages Investment property loans. Business property loans. Transactional flip loans Rehab loans. Construction loans....additional construction funding on partially completed projects Private money mortgages Bridge loans. SBA Loans Capital Equipment Leasing

★ 7.99% NO DOC /STATED LOANS HARD MONEY 90% Bridge Loan R.E.★★ (★Capital Equipment Leasing★)

"The Financial One Companies " Serving the Southwest and More Since 1989"Brokers Welcome......

★Capital Equipment Leasing★★...YELLOW STOCK TO MEDICAL (ALL)

★Land, Land, Land Loans

★Oil and Gas Development Funds.
★We buy leases........Need a Partnership.
★Oil and Gas Leases for Sale.... Gas Plants...........-

★★STATED LOANS FOR Multi-Family, Mixed-Use Commercial, Office, Medical Office, Retail, Strip Centers, Warehouse, Self-Storage Facilities, Automotive Services and all General-Purpose, Commercial Real Estate. 1-4 unit Non-Owner Occupied, Condo's / single family eligible.*Loan sizes: $75,000 -- $20,000,000 Million Dollars!!!!!Loan Types: Purchase, Refinance, Un-limited and Un-restricted CASH OUTMinimum Credit Required: *650 Fico Score Better pricing over 700 Mid Score.Loan Term: 30 Year Fully Amortizing Loan, fixed for initial 5 years. (No Balloon or Maturity)Underwriting: Maximum LTV is 75% for Multi Family / 65% LTV General Purpose RE. Secondary Financing Allowed to 80 CLTV!Closing: 30 Day, Fast close with streamlined processing, minimal documentation and paperwork.Territory: Nationwide. All markets and locations considered, except rural.Rates: Competitive Rates determined deal-by-deal, based on loan amount, credit profile. We do not lend on raw land, vacant properties, rehabs or construction projects.A PERFECT alternative to bank's rigid lending guidelines and excellent fit for the self-employed borrower or those with slightly less than optimal credit scores;MINIMUM 650 MID FICO SCOREWe also provide VALUE ADDED - ASSET BASED TRANSITIONAL BRIDGE FINANCING AND LAND LAND LAND LOANSCALL SEND US YOUR LOAN SCENARIO FOR A QUICK ANSWER..OTHER PROGRAMS AVAILABLE FOR TAINTED CREDIT..EQUITY BASED-

★ Program for Scores as Low as 500 Mid ScoreMore of a FULL DOC PRODUCT.................BENEFIT SAMPLE: Purchase price 405k After 20% Down rehab dollars rolled in the not to a . Final loan amount funded 464k..Three draws on escrowed funds Prior to rehab value $800kSeveral matrix tiers to select from............with good comps small community SFR properties★ Flix and flip 6-12 months *80% of Appraised Value (AS IS)* 90% of Purchase Price* 75% of After Repair Value.(ARV) BPO
★ Borrower must be seasoned for the better rates.. Beginner Rehabber program is Available!!!!!!!!. SFR 1-4

★ SUBDIVISION Development Funds
★Hotel Development funds Quick Private Hard Money to SBA and the traditional CMBS loansFlag project only. 

Recent Fundings:1500 Acres.. Over a Million Dollars of Equity Cashed Out.Texas./ Single Family Purchase 435k/.Single Family Cash Out $440k Colorado/...Small Hobby Ranch Cash Out $217k, Texas /Mineral Lease Purchase with active Oil and Gas Wells.Texas / 4 Bay Garage Cash Out Slidell LA. Approved ....Purchase 78 Room Flag Hotel San Antonio Texas/ 10k Rehaber Single Family /Vacation Beach House South Carolina 600k Refi to lower rate was at 14%,, Approval !.2 Million Investor Loan San Jose, California

"The Financial One Companies " Serving the Southwest and more Since 1989".

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